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Would Jackie and Nick Marone from B and B be the perfect pair to head Jabot Fashions?

Created: Feb 15, 2013 | Comments
jjsparky 72

Team Katie or Team Brooke?

Created: Apr 2, 2013 | Comments
jjsparky 339

The writers of the Bold and the Beautiful should put the super couple Hope and Liam back together now,they belong together….

Created: Apr 5, 2013 | Comments
dodybug18 439

Should Adam forgive Chelsea for keeping Connor a secret

Created: Oct 8, 2013 | Comments
mikesirarpgobelian 65

What could bring Y&R viewers back up in the ratings?

Created: Feb 25, 2011 | Comments
JADE04 4591

Who do you believe is behind the mysterious happenings with Cane and Genevieve?

Created: Jul 30, 2012 | Comments
SIDEditor 721

Who has more right to the legacy of Forrester Creations?

Created: Feb 15, 2013 | Comments
SIDEditor 3293

Do you want Adam and Chelsea to reunite?

Created: Dec 6, 2013 | Comments
SIDEditor 11952

How is Jack going to react toward Kelly, when he finds out that she was actually the one that killed her father?

Created: Nov 10, 2014 | Comments
me 131

What is your opinion of Phyllis

Created: Mar 19, 2011 | Comments
AskChristine 1467

Will the writers ever bring back the Sharon who was strong?

Created: Feb 15, 2013 | Comments
Pucci20 72

Do you think Liam and Steffy will actually make it down the aisle to become man and wife?

Created: Apr 5, 2013 | Comments
SIDEditor 4503

Do you think Adam could actually be innocent of Delia’s death?

Created: Jan 31, 2014 | Comments
SIDEditor 3227

Nick condems Bridget for her one night stand with Owen, but, did he forget all the times he left her for her mother? Do you think he should forgive Bridget and work things out?

Created: Nov 5, 2010 | Comments
praisehymn1 26522

You are fired, Sharon Newman! What are your reactions to Phyllis firing Sharon from her position at the Jabot Cosmetic Company?

Created: Dec 4, 2014 | Comments
me 185

Sharon-Are you surprised with how remarkably well she is taking this break-up?

Created: Nov 27, 2014 | Comments
regikim 394

Should Nick get full custody of Faith?

Created: Nov 28, 2014 | Comments
Daron 318

Have you ever hesitated or decided not to post your opinion on a poll?

Created: Nov 27, 2014 | Comments
regikim 140

Are the writers using flashbacks, of incidents and events that never took place, in order to perhaps alter and change the directions of some of their past storylines?

Created: Oct 11, 2014 | Comments
Alicen1derland 114

Who killed Ben’s father?

Created: Oct 28, 2014 | Comments
Yanksfan1 221