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What do you think about Phyllis being behind Adam’s kidnapping and Natalie’s investor?

Created: Jan 29, 2016 | Comments
SIDEditor 377

Do you want to see Brooke and Bill reunite romantically?

Created: Jan 16, 2016 | Comments
SIDEditor 23117

What do you think about Ashley and Simon Neville as a couple?

Created: Jan 11, 2016 | Comments
SIDEditor 348

Could Brooke have any more annoying today? And, how about Nicole?

Created: Sep 21, 2015 | Comments
margiesb611 10

The writers actually planted the seed, deep into the soil of the ground, that positively indicated that Adam was guilty of being the hit and run driver who killed Delia. Now, the question is, will the writers alter and change their prior decision?

Created: Sep 24, 2015 | Comments
Alicen1derland 112

Do you think Abby should break up with Stitch?

Created: Sep 25, 2015 | Comments
SIDEditor 501

Do you agree that, once again, Sharon has placed her daughter, Faith, in second place of a man (Dylan), and in order to hold onto the man, who still believes she is pregnant, she has admitted herself into the Fairview Mental Facility?

Created: Sep 26, 2015 | Comments
Alicen1derland 119

Who do you believe in the he said/she said sexual harassment story?

Created: Oct 2, 2015 | Comments
SIDEditor 524

What do you think about Adam getting only probation?

Created: Dec 4, 2015 | Comments
SIDEditor 3429

Can Bill resist Brooke’s allure and remain faithful to Katie?

Created: Jan 1, 2016 | Comments
SIDEditor 1092

do u want nick and sharon to get back together?

Created: Nov 9, 2010 | Comments
lucy31617 9827

who should sharon choose?

Created: Dec 2, 2010 | Comments
sheshe28 3723

In Y&R, should Nick and Sharon be together?

Created: Dec 5, 2010 | Comments
NormaJean44 2645

should nick be with

Created: Dec 19, 2010 | Comments
nickphyllisvictoria 2630

Its past time to get Cain’s world out in the open and get it dealt with.

Created: Jan 5, 2011 | Comments
omalley39 367

With Phyllis being 95% of all story lines do you think she is over exposed?

Created: Jan 20, 2011 | Comments
Jazzygem 659

Which Y&R Character would you Tweet to return?

Created: Feb 8, 2011 | Comments
canelives 3546

How would you want Daniel Goddard to return to the Y&R?

Created: Feb 19, 2011 | Comments
JADE04 4006

If you had a chance to say something to ‘The Powers That Be’ @ Y&R what would it be?

Created: Feb 22, 2011 | Comments
JADE04 4036

Best couple on Y&R

Created: Feb 24, 2011 | Comments
JADE04 5643