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Regardless if Victoria needs or does not need Billy’s help & advice, do you agree that when Victoria refused Billy’s unsolicited help & advice, Billy should have honored her request?

Created: Jan 10, 2017 | Comments
Alicen1derland 92

It appears as though neither Jack nor Devon are aware of Mariah’s mean, evil, & manipulating ways. So, do you agree, if Jack or Devon ever dare to get in Mariah’s way, they both will soon learn just how evil & manipulating Mariah can be & become?

Created: Jan 6, 2017 | Comments
Alicen1derland 93

Do you hope that when Devon finally regains his memory back, Mariah will redeem herself by coming forth with the truth as to how she played a large part into why Hilary was angry enough at her, to decide to make her trip & fall?

Created: Jan 6, 2017 | Comments
Alicen1derland 87

Do you agree that if you just so happen to be a follower, and not a leader, then you should definitely make sure the person who is leading you is leading you in the right direction?

Created: Jan 16, 2017 | Comments
Alicen1derland 92

Do you agree when posters decide to speak their false truth, by attacking other posters, they should be questioning as to why voters are entering polls once, & then voting many multible times, which make all of those polls invalid?

Created: Jan 16, 2017 | Comments
Alicen1derland 94

Are you among the posters who hate Hilary so much, that you would love to see Devon turn his back on her, and be miserable, just to satisfy your hatred of Hilary?

Created: Jan 16, 2017 | Comments
Alicen1derland 90

Wow! Nikki & Victor – 35th Anniversary – Awesome, Congrats…Do you love them as a couple too?

Created: Jan 14, 2017 | Comments
rudydonna711 82

Just so that all of you fully recognize, & are aware of, & know – that comparing Quinn to Sheila – is just like comparing apples to oranges; in that Sheila still holds the, “Queen of All Evil Crown,” & Quinn is just a mere baby in comparison to Sheila…

Created: Jan 11, 2017 | Comments
me 83

Do you believe that it is at all possible for anyone to force anyone else to actually & truly forgive anyone, when that person believes that person is unforgivable?

Created: Jan 11, 2017 | Comments
me 81

Being that Noah fell out with Victor, for butting into his life by trying to protect him from Marisa, do you agree that by him butting into his mother & fathers’ personal business, that makes him a bona vide hypocrite

Created: Jan 10, 2017 | Comments
Alicen1derland 81

If Ridge decided to tell Brooke what he was up to with getting rid of Quinn….would she tell him NOT do it….or would she be okay with his plan?

Created: Jan 8, 2017 | Comments
rudydonna711 79

“The Sharon Lovers,” want the writers to redeem Sharon. But do you agree that as long as Sharon continue to hurt, and do wrong doings against others, esp. against children, Sharon will never be redeemed?

Created: Jan 7, 2017 | Comments
Alicen1derland 80

What do you think Steffy’s answer will be? Will she move in with Eric, Quinn and Wyatt?

Created: Jan 6, 2017 | Comments
rudydonna711 85

Did you like that Katie reminded both Wyatt and Eric the reason that Steffy isn’t with Wyatt is all about Quinn…..not because Steffy didn’t love Wyatt?

Created: Jan 16, 2017 | Comments
rudydonna711 78

Do you agree that posters should create polls & comments about matters that pertains only to the soap shows, etc, and not make false accusations & negative comments about or against other posters?

Created: Jan 16, 2017 | Comments
Alicen1derland 107

Do you agree Lily & Jill are entirely way too obsessed with Hilary’s life, & that they need to spend more time focusing on the personal issues & problems in their own lives & leave Hilary the hell alone?

Created: Jan 16, 2017 | Comments
Alicen1derland 77

Do you agree, Some people learn from their mistakes, while Sharon definitely does not; while Quinn never has to learn from hardly any of her mistakes, because she always has men-idiots like Wyatt, Liam, Deacon, Bill, & ERIC, who continues to bail her out?

Created: Jan 11, 2017 | Comments
me 72

Messy, Messy, Messy, Gloria! Do you wish that Gloria would get a life of her own, and stop messing up her children & her children’s significant others lives?

Created: Jan 10, 2017 | Comments
Alicen1derland 73

I said it once, twice, & many times before…but I will repeat it again – Sony, the producer of the Y&R & the DOOL Soap Shows should join forces with the producer of the B&B Show, & make the Y&R, DOOL, & the B&B Soap Shows, one united Soap Opera Show?

Created: Jan 10, 2017 | Comments
Alicen1derland 71

Do you agree that the only way that characters, like Sharon & Quinn can ever be redeemed is, if the writers decide to totally & permanently strip them of all of their selfishness & evilness?

Created: Jan 9, 2017 | Comments
Alicen1derland 74